The Search

Since the launch of the brand in India, our campaigns of varying scales and concepts have proven time and time again that we had a good hold on what the brand needed. Here’s something we thought was long overdue for the game’s community.


Clash of Clans


Digital / Social


4 months


Creative / Strategy /
Direction / Production

The challenge

Clash of Clans has been in India for over 9 years and has created a community built on ideals of friendship, competitiveness and loyalty. To thank and appreciate the loyal community for upholding the spirit of gaming, we had the challenge to take an uncharted path. A path that did not deduce the campaign as a pure marketing move, but something that came off as organic with a human touch of emotions deeply rooted in it. It was not about the game, but about the players.

A Musical

To connect with our community on a base level, we decided to, through our campaign, showcase the traits of gamers that set them apart from other fanbases. An individual just like many from the community, who goes to ‘great heights’ (quite literally) to play the game despite facing various obstacles. Being shot in the breathtaking scenery of the Himalayas and catchy music featuring the well known singer Raman Negi (of The Local Train fame) certainly helped hook the Indian audience. The simplicity of the music video was intended to make the audience feel like it was about them. And that was how we dedicated the film to the beloved Clash of Clans community through moving frames.

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