Castrol Activ

Having established #ContinuousProtection as their positioning, Castrol Activ wished to take things to next level via a CSR initiative.

Then, the brand needed a partner to be able to bring the same to light in the best way possible.


Castrol Activ
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The Brief

Castrol Activ aimed to transform garbage dumps in multiple cities into areas that children could play in. We needed to capture the brand's efforts and weave a story element into the same.

Shooting in areas that were previously used as garbage dumps was an operational test with tons of groundwork and limited hours. Put all of it together and we had a pretty daunting task at hand.


Localised partnerships, hands on direction and a strict production schedule proved to be the most important facets of execution.

The anthem in the video was an idea the team came up with while travelling between cities to shoot. It proved to be an extremely valuable addition, helping bring the story together beautifully. The campaign garnered over 5 million views and was featured by multiple online publications!

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