A Curious Sighting

VALORANT needed to build hype for the release of their latest Indian agent. The objective was to generate conversation and build anticipation for the upcoming reveal trailer.




Digital / Social


2 months


Creative / Strategy


Valorant’s character introduction films are highly anticipated by the community. Our task was to create excitement around the the reveal of the newest agent HARBOR hailing from the Indian heartlands.


Our concept was the creation of a “back-door” teaser, where localised NPC characters are in a storyline tangential to the events in the main trailer. With subtle hints to the main character HARBOR’s abilities and the integration of numerous indigenous elements, the focus on creating buzz around HARBOR being from India was clear yet creative.

The teaser generated a high volume of social conversations as the global content community tried to put on their detective hats to ascertain what the new agent in town would be all about. With over 2 million views, the hype for the arrival of the new agent was firing on all cylinders.

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