Clash Tak

With the highly anticipated update (Townhall 13) coming up for Clash of Clans, we wanted to engage the Clash community with a unique and engaging format.


Clash of Clans




2 Months


Creative / Strategy / Production

The challenge

Having been in the works for years, the new update was massive. A brand new level along with an extensive array of features, characters and game mechanics; the update came chalk full of highly exciting information.

This brought us to our biggest challenge - How do we relay all this information without overwhelming our audience while emphasizing the importance of each update feature.


We conceptualized a faux comedy news show called CLASH TAK. Set inside the Clash universe was a fictional village called ‘Clashpur’, where the various game characters came to life. A hilarious and well known comic duo immersed themselves into the roles of typecast reporters who followed stories regarding the update.

This unique mix of humour, supported by an array of guest appearances, and character interviews, proved itself to be one of the most beloved content put out for the Indian community.

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