#24 Carat Taste

Riding high on the recognition from Shark Tank, Beyond Snack came to us with their next objective - To cement their Kerala Banana Chips as the premium brand in the market.


Beyond Snack


Digital / Social


3 months


Creative / Strategy


The southern states of India have been known for their insatiable desire for Banana crisps. Beyond Snack has evolved this humble local snack to the next level through its introduction of unique flavours and a light mouthfeel that makes the product truly luxurious. However, to truly enjoy success they had to become a household name by increasing brand awareness and establishing their brand position.


Realizing that our goal was to basically brand a product that has always been rooted in Indian culture, we took the opportunity to harken back to the golden era of traditional advertising that we grew up with. With #24CaratTaste, the launch campaign was a perfect blend of quirky and premium, with the film tapping into the 'larger-than-life' tonality of South Indian cinema, while establishing the product as the "Gold Standard" in its category.

Needless to say, the audience embraced the product instantly, with the film creating quite a buzz on social media and generating over 13 million views.

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